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Hotel Florinda

Enjoy the Punta del Este views, Península

The Punta del Este peninsula is an extension of land that winds between the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean, marking the boundary between them. It is the southernmost point of our territory, with temperatures that go up to 35 ° C in summer. up to 2 ° C in winter, it has a typical spa town infrastructure, but it is used throughout the year.

On one side is the Río de la Plata and on the other the Atlantic Ocean and the point where they meet is known as Plaza de Los Ingleses, located at the tip of the peninsula where an anchor of an old ship marks the exact limit of union between the River and the Ocean.

The peninsula of Punta del Este and its surroundings has numerous places and attractions for the enjoyment of both adults and children, families, groups of friends or individually.

From a walk along the dock at Parada 3, located in front of the Conrad Hotel, following the wooden walkway that runs along the coast, passing through La Mano, and entering the popular Calle Gorlero or Calle 20, the fun and attraction is for all public. In summer, a peculiar movement of tourists is observed until late at night visiting the commercial premises, restaurants or simply enjoying the Punta Este nighttime sitting on one of the banks of the boulevard, contemplating the nature of the coast of this corner. from the country.

If we continue the road, heading towards the peninsula, we will find the marina and fishing port, the old quarter of Punta, which still preserves the original layout of the time and the Lighthouse, with the Church of La Candelaria in front </ strong>, a must for any visitor.

We recommend some tours to our guests the must see of the Punta del Este Peninsula throughout the year are: the Lighthouse, the Port, a walk through Gorlero, Calle 20, a walk through the Rambla, the Church of La Candelaria, the Muelle de la Pastora and the Plaza de los Ingleses (border of the River with the Ocean)

One of the reasons why our guests prefer to stay in our hotel is the proximity to everything, leave the car and rest and walk, escape from the city. If you want to know more about our location or our rooms here